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The Graduate Institute of Ocean Creative Industry

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The Master of Aquatic Bio-resources and Aquaculture in Aquaculture

TEL: 886-06-9264115 Ext:3013
FAX: 886-06-9277382

Group: Other
International Admission: Master’s degree

【Mission Statements】
To encourage students to develop abilities to observe, think independently, analyze, infer, solve problems, and detect trends in the industrial development.
To help students develop an optimistic view of life.
【Course planning】
The focuses are on aquaculture
and aquaculture resources, fish, shrimp, and shellfish breeding, marine cage management, prevention in fish diseases, investigation on nutritional diseases, economical seaweed cultivation, invertebrates and biological statistics incorporated in course planning. Students may also select other courses which will meet their research needs.

The institute have 9 instructors, each with own research room for leading graduate students in specialized researches; one laboratory per each course in biology, chemistry and expensive instruments; exclusive breeding ground for teaching and research with total of 2 hatcheries, 30 1-ton and 20 9-ton concrete artificial ponds and approximately 150 FRP barrels of various kinds are provided to serve as an ideal place for teachings and researches. In addition to the graduate student offices, graduate students may also access to various laboratories in the campus. The research activities are frequently associated with those sponsored by the County Governmentand the local authorities.

The University is the only one college in Penghu. We provide students with opportunities for those, both senior students wanting to be engaged in the community of marine Penghu and people in job markets, determined to go for advanced studies. With the assistances from Research and Joint Entrepreneurial Cooperation and Technical Innovation Incubation Center of the University, the graduates may easily get the government posts in Penghu. The demands from government for marine specialists are significant. The chartering of the graduate program may well serve the thirst of the needs.
As soon as the government claimed "Marine Taiwan", the importance of marine resources, ecology, marine eco tourism is thus well defined. The recruited students will take courses in aquaculture, fishery, food science, eco tourism, marketing and logistics. Creativity is strongly encouraged in promotion of current business activities and cooperation. Researchers with interdisciplinary capabilities are often expected nowadays. Therefore, the qualified graduates may work as managers or researchers for government organizations in promoting fishery, aquaculture, and food industries. The demands of government employees, as well as non-government organization employees, will increase along with the promotion of the policy of Oceanic Taiwan. The policy will reshape the infrastructure of the industries of manufacturing, production, tourism and business activities. New ideas will be crucial in nursing a new era of economy. We believe our graduates will become assets to the society.

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