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Department of Aquaculture

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Department of Aquaculture

Tel: 886-06-9264115 Ext:3013
Fax: 886-06-9277382

Group: Other
International Admission: Bachelor

The program manages to familiarize students with both basic knowledge of aquaculture and the concept of designing/planning, to instill them the cognition of protecting ecology and maintaining natural resources, to inspire their thinking of how to combine marine resources and leisure business. Our department features in making the most unique local environment of aquaculture research and cultivate our students' professional abilities both in theory and practice to broaden the futures. In addition, we seek to cooperate with the related local industries in Penghu and thus bring the function of marine leisure resources into full development, hoping to develop a continual management mode in marine resources.

Except for mandatory courses stipulated by the Ministry of Education, specialized courses include 2 major areas in marine fish, shrimp and shellfish farming and ecological resources. Teaching will be based on both theoretical and practical principles with purpose aim to nurture student independent thinking and creative abilities. Its characteristics includes: 1. Use whole Penghu Islands as resources for teaching and practical experience in Penghu’s exclusive cage aquaculture, oyster and Taiwanese abalone long-line culture, seaweed cultivation and inland fisheries with tidal water exchange. 2. During the school term, students must be under the direction of the instructor to complete researches for essay topics; in addition, students are required to undergo internship at state-owned/private aquaculture enterprise off the campus and deliver reports on the internship in front of the class.

The Department has 9 instructors, 2 professors, 3 associate professors, 2 assistant professors, 2 lecturers specializing in various areas in aquaculture. Each instructor has their own research room for leading graduate students in specialized researches and one laboratory per each course in biology, chemistry and costly instrument for the Department. In addition, exclusive breeding ground for teaching and research with a total of 2 hatcheries, 50 (3-10 ton) concrete artificial ponds and approximately 150 FRP barrels (tanks) of various kinds are provided to serve as an ideal place for teachings and researches.

1. Further study: apply for domestic or oversea graduate school in aquaculture, marine and biology related fields.
2. Employment:
A. Industry:
Aquaculture breeding farms, culture farms, fry agents, an aquarium, maritime museums, bio-tech companies, instrument companies, fishfeed companies, aquaculture trade companies.
B. Government agencies
Council of Agriculture of the Executive of Yuan, Fisheries Agency, Fisheries Research Institute, (City) government fisheries section and Environmental Protection Bureau, and airport custom houses.

Short-term Goal :
Carry out curriculum planning, raise the rates for academic acceptance and employment for the graduates. Increase numbers in teaching staff and teaching facilities. Complete the construction of marine resource technology building..
Medium-term Goal:
Increase and strengthen teaching staff and facilities of the Department and combine local industrial resources to increase research capacity, demonstrate special features of the Department in marine fish, shrimp, and shellfish breeding and management and provide services to local industries as well as reciprocate to local citizens with the research outcome.
Long-term Goal:
Construct University Marine Cage aquaculture Center into the Department’s site for experiment and serve as a training center for cage farming teaching and field-practice while simultaneously provide a location of experiments with domestic academies and research institutes.

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