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Department of Communication Engineering

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Department of Communication Engineering

Tel: 886-06-9264115 Ext:3602
Fax: 886-06-9277341

College of Marine Resources and Engineering
Group: Engineering
International Admission: Bachelor

The communication industry is one of the most promising industrial sectors in the world. It is also "the third trillion industry" in addition to semiconductors and image display industry in Taiwan. The department of communication engineering is one of the few professional communication departments in Taiwan. Our mission is to teach the knowledge of modern communication and electronic engineering, and to foster creative research by addressing the needs of industry, government and the scientific community. Our faculty members have excellent teaching and research capabilities. The courses are arranged to contain the electronic and electrical engineering foundations and wireless communication technology that is the characteristics of our department.

The courses offered by our department include fundamental and advanced courses. The fundamental courses are the electronic and electrical engineering foundation courses. The advanced courses include two categories: communication technology and RF/EM. A lot of experimental courses are designed to train students in practical skills. According to student’s individual interests, they could be engaged in one of the categories. In addition to the above courses mentioned, every student has to fulfill practical projects to enhance their practical abilities before graduation.

Most of the faculty members acquired doctorate degrees from the universities both in Taiwan and other countries. Two teacher are currently pursuing the doctoral degrees. Even so, we are recruiting qualified professors to add onto the faculty list. Not only the excellence in academic achievements, we also expect the teachers to act as mentors in guiding their students in the campus life. The equipment of our department are complete and novel. The major facilities contain 3.7 meters satellite receiving system and five professional laboratories. These laboratories are electronic laboratory: basic experimental facilities of electronic circuit; digit laboratory: equipment related to digital circuit, single chip, and DSP; communication laboratory: communication and high frequency circuit design and analysis software; microwave laboratory: RF/microwave circuit fabricating and measuring equipments; anechoic chamber: facilities for measuring mobile phones and other wireless communication devices.

Students are well-educated about general electrical/electronic technology and professional communication technology after graduate. The graduates who wish to pursue higher studies can apply for domestic or international graduate programs. As the electrical and communication industry keep growing, the demand for high level human resource increases per year. Graduates can also work for related industries.

In accordance with the University development, the graduate school will be set up. We will enhance the capabilities of research and education so that the department will play a significant role in the research of communication field worldwide. The department will ensure the students in the department to get the most from their study and encourage them to meet the requirements of the target education.

【Teaching objectives】
Communications industry is one of the key global industries. Our department, one of the few departments providing professional educational program of communications, was set up to train students to become professionals with basic electronic literacy and expertise of “Communications and Signal Processing” and “Microwave and RF” so as to elevate the domestic technology level of communications industry. The concrete educational objectives of our department include professional knowledge of electronic and communication engineering, practical skills, teamwork and communication skills, and awareness of the relationship between an engineer and the society.
【Curriculum planning】
The curriculum, covering the basic of electronic and electric engineering, has “wireless communications” as a development feature of our department. Faculty, facility and curriculum are well-planned for the two major development fields “Communications and Signal Processing” and “Microwave and RF”, both of which are critical parts of telecommunications industry.
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