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Graduate Institute of Service Management

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Graduate Institute of Service Management

Tel: 886-06-9264115 Ext:1062
Fax: 886-06-9260112

College of Humanities and Management
Group: Management
International Admission: Master

In our programs we have been spending our energy fostering top-notched service business management talents in the fields of both practical training and theoretical development. To go with the demands of local industries in Penghu , this institute has offered many kinds of courses to get prepared for those who are interested in service industry and transportation as well as logistics for Cross-Strait Link. Combined with the human resources of each department for the Humanity and Social Sciences Academy, this institute is aimed at fostering middle and high-level managerial staff.  The programs, in general, cover the fields of transportation, logistics, information technology and public affairs service as well as management as the axis of management talents. Therefore, this institute is to satisfy the needs of local service industry and develop future industry as a mainstream.

Blended with the abovementioned fields, the institute of Service Business Management also puts a lot of efforts on service business management as the major core, research methods, professional knowledge as well as practical kills in each field and the enhancement of language abilities are the auxiliary aids so as to conduct research and independent studies. The course features are, first of all, the knowledge of general management as the foundation accompanied with professional management as the core of curriculum. And then, theory and practice will be interwoven.  Meanwhile, practical research-oriented will be another focus. Finally, to address the local industry needs in Penghu, archipelago research will be the main frame as the major feature.

Our Faculty and Facilities
This institute is based upon interdisciplinary courses. It means an institute made up of a lot of departments. Our current faculty members include general business management, transportation as well as logistics, information technology, applied foreign languages, tourism as well as leisure, and social sciences. There are totally more than 20 members in an institute, holding doctorates. In addition, every graduate student will be offered to a set of computer facilities and SPSS software. Everyone has his or her own research room and group discussion space.

【Careers and Placements】
Other than the managerial positions mentioned in the above fields, the graduates can work at the related service industries such as logistics industry, distribution industry, transportation industry, information technology industry, and tourism industry, as their middle or high-level business management executives. They are also allowed to work at government-run institutes by means of Government Entrance Exam. The graduates are also encouraged to go further study by seeking doctoral degrees, say, in the schools at Taiwan or the other countries and thus becoming competitive in job markets.


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