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Department of Information Management

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Department of Information Management

Tel: 886-06-9264115 Ext:3402
Fax: 886-06-9277401

College of Humanities and Management
Group: Information (Informatics)
International Admission: Bachelor

The Information Management Department was established in 1994. Our goal is to educate information management professionals for the industry's demands through the application of computer technology and management science. For the purpose of theoretical and practical application, we focus on practical training program to help students obtaining professional certificates. In addition to encouraging students to take practical training at computer companies during winter and summer vacations, our department also helps students apply what they have learned in class into practice by means of providing workshop courses.

Each student is required to complete a minimum of 130 credits to earn a bachelor's degree. The major courses are as follows: Data Structure, Commercial Program Language, Database Management System, System Analysis and Design, System Programming, Computer Organization and Structure, Advanced Program Language, Network Communications, Information Management System, Operating System, Introduction of Multimedia, Multimedia Application System, Seminar, Business Administration, Accounting and Marketing, etc.

Currently, we have ten full-time faculties, several adjunct faculties, together with two assistants. Each of them has his own specialties. Besides, we have three professional Labs, a VUE testing center, a department library, and a computer classroom with 60 dual core computers and, especially one IDC(Internet Data Center).

After graduation, students can go for further academic studies, or start their professional careers. For further studies:
1.To be enrolled into our esteemed graduate program in management of service industry.
2.To go abroad for advanced studies.
For professional careers:
1.Engineers in the information technology industry.
2.Official positions in the government.
3.Lectures for basic computer skills training.
4.The information department in all walks of life.

We are continually expanding and upgrading teaching facilities. Our goal is to serve as the consulting center for the local business in their computerization and to become the main computer education center in the Penghu area.

The Department of Information Management (IM) was established in 1994. As one of the departments of the college of humanities and management in National Penghu University of Science and Technology. The establishment of the IM department is mainly offering both training programs and professional manpower to sustain SMEs’ long-term development in Taiwan. The IM department provides both theoretical and practical training in the field of information management and its applications in business. The goal of the IM department is to provide advanced information technology as well as knowledge management for both enterprises and the government to help achieve effective and efficient management.
Especially, the IM department emphasizes on the software-hardware systematic planning, E-service, and the applications of Internet technology. For the curriculum design, the IM department covers general information management courses as well as information systems. For the practicum curriculum, the department centers on two facets, including e-Service technology and e-Business.

【Program of Bachelor Degree】
The minimum credit to obtain the Bachelor degree is 130. The credits required for general education are 60, and the total credits required for IM department are 70 (42 credits for core courses and 28 for elective courses in science and business). The core courses (42 credits) includes: Introduction to computer, Data Structure, Database Management System, System Analysis and Design, System Programming, Computer Organization and Structure, Advanced Program Language, Network Communications, Information Management System, Multimedia Applications, Seminar, Business Administration and Management, Principles of Accounting, Marketing, and etc.
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