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Department of Shipping & Transportation Management

Tel: 886-06-9264115 Ext:3202
Fax: 886-06-9265760

College of Humanities and Management
Group: Management
International Admission: Bachelor

The department consists of an Undergraduate Program currently with 200 students enrolled in this Department. The mission of the department is to develop the student's professional skills related to the transportation industry with an emphasis on shipping and aviation management. It is our goal to teach students how to effectively communicate with others in a business setting both domestically and internationally.

Department’s curriculums are designed to solve inevitable problems that arise from the real working environments by applying specialized knowledge based on practical knowledge and technical skills. Course contents are geared to preparing students to develop abilities to manage real-world problems and solve problems; focusing on sea transport courses as the main content, accompanied by general management and air as well land transport courses. The department’s aims are to satisfy industry’s practical needs in professional enterprise management; the teaching faculties are also planning to adjust courses of study in order to help students effectively study and fully achieve the goals of their education. 


The Department focused on high-level management and technical service industry and personnel for marine transport, air transport, ports and international trade in accordance with government economic trade policies and manufactures’ needs for automation in order to develop the transportation and logistics industry of offshore islands. The Undergraduate studies educational focus is on practical situations, which includes Marine Management, Aviation Cargo Management, Marine Law, International Trade, Information Technology, Business English, and various General Management Courses. In Graduate studies, the focus is on the Logistics of Marine and Aviation Cargo, Harbor Management and Shipping Economics. The department has built up many long term relationships with various successful Taiwanese businesses. Students have the opportunity to participate in a co-operative education program with these businesses in order to enrich their learning. If the student's perform well in these companies, there is potential for employment upon completion of the program. The majority of our graduates are employed in Shipping Companies, Forwarder Companies, International Logistics, Industry Insurance Companies, Express Transportation Companies, and Container Businesses. There is also an opportunity to participate in the Government's Public Officer Examination.

The Department now hires 7 full-time faculty members, 5 associate professors, 1 assistant professors, and 1 lecturer, five of seven faculties have held Ph.D. degree. Faculty specialties include marine transport, air transport, land transport, cargo logistic, and management. In order to manage the needs of automating air and marine transport, facilities include a simulation room for Computer Reservation System (CRS) and Cargo Clearance Automation practice classroom. Courses for air ticketing, enterprise automation, clearance automation are also being offered. Current allied contract partners include Kuo Hua Life Insurance Ltd., Pacific Star Group, Trans Asia Airways and other companies. During winter and summer vacations, fifteen entrepreneurs in marine and land transportation enterprises offer students either part-time or full-time positions to enhance their studies with practical experience.

After graduation, students are much needed in services such as private companies, airline companies, air/sea freight forwarder companies, shipping companies, customs brokerages, and similar enterprises relating to transport. They can also take examinations and get accreditations to serve in public organizations such as the Civil Aviation Administration, Harbor Bureau, and the Ministry of Transportation.

The development of the Department aims to satisfy industry’s practical needs in professional enterprise management; the teaching faculties are also planning to adjust courses of study in order to help students effectively study and fully achieve the goals of their education.

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