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The Graduate School and Department of Food Science

Tel: 886-06-9264115 Ext:3802
FAX: 886-06-9260259
Group: Other

International Admission: Master’s degree

【Mission Statement and Our Strengths】
The Graduate School and Department of Food Science in NPU integrates
the training of scientific food knowledge and biological technology. To assist expansion of the local Penghu food industries,the department focuses on knowledge education, practical training,scientific research, and manufaceuring management. With these priorities, the Department of Food Science expects to improve
students’ food-related scientific specialization and competitiveness.
【Course Planning】
The Graduate School and Department of Food Science in NPU demarcates three major programs, including food safety inspection, biotechnology practice, and food processing design. These schemes not only operate in coordination with manufacturing plant management, quality control techniques, new product development and biotechnology applications,but also food marketing and circulation in accordance with the
manufacturing-commerce program.

The faculty of the Graduate school of Food Science in NPU is full of practices both in researches and in industrial experiences. The Department is also engaged in many related industry talents as adjunct instructors to strengthen the current related industrial experiences for students. The Department institutes specialized laboratory, including the food safety laboratory, the microbiology laboratory, the biotechnology and food-processing plant, the chromatographic analyses laboratory, the rheological and textural properties laboratory, and the sensory evaluation laboratory. The Department also exploits the food processing plant which is administered by the Farmer and Fisherman Association to provide more tightly practical training with students.

Students graduated from the Graduate school of Food Science in NPU could serve as members of QC, R&D, marketing and management field in related food, pharmaceutical, or biotechnology industry.

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