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Graduate Institute of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Tel: 886-06-9264115 Ext:5002
Fax: 886-06-9274471
Group: Engineering
International Admission: Master’s degree

1.To foster students in professional fields of electrical, electronic, computer and communication for increasing the competition in keen job markets.
2.To extend the applications of electrical and computer science and information technologies, and to culture the talent of wind- solar green energy.
3.To establish and develop the distinguishing feature of regional industries for electrical,information and communication learning fields.

1.Digitization contents: Using the natural environment and culture of Penghu islands to build up the digitization contents, and apply them in the fields of sightseeing and leisure, sell business, education and research.
2.Communication network: To assist the communication quality and basic network reconstruction of Penghu islands. To drive the technology of microwave communication, antenna design and boat communication research for increasing the communication environment of marine industry.
3.Automatic technology: To extend the digitization and automatic design for increasing the profit of the ocean industry, and to save the manpower and to add the product value.
4.Regeneration of energy: Because of the abundant of wind power in winter and solar energy in summer at Penghu Island, it is convenient to develop the green energy. The Penghu government is planning to build up a number of wind turbines on seashore for showing the Penghu islands as a demonstration of green energy area.

The teaching faculty of the graduate institute is made up of the Departments of Electrical, Computer Science and Communication Engineerings.There are nineteen full-time professors from domestic and outstanding universities from overseas countries,including two full-time professors, eight associate professors and nine assistant professors.
The graduate institute contains many laboratories for students learning, including System design Lab., Automatic control Lab., Energy Lab., Wind-Solar power practical training place, Electronic Lab., Digitization Lab.,Communication Lab., Microwave Lab., Network System Lab., and Software system Lab., Servo Lab..

1.Job Markets: The graduates join the work force of various electrical, electronic, computer and information, communication, and wind-solar power companies in research and development.
2.Position: system design engineers, system maintenance engineers, communication engineers, computer engineer, multi-smedial designers, digitization designers.

【Teaching objectives】
Cultivating electrical, telecommunications, and computer science is the core area and to train students to have professional integrated knowledge skills to raise industry competitiveness and expand the application of electrical engineering and computer science, and to cultivate technology personnel of wind power generation, solar power, and other renewable energy and establish the learning parks for electrical engineering and computer science industry with local characteristics.
【Curriculum plan】
1. Instrument system design and control: Cultivate electrical engineering professionals in electronic instrument design and automatic control.
2. Telecommunications network design: Cultivate telecommunications personnel in microwave telecommunications, antenna design, and communications network design and applications.
3. Content of digital information: Cultivate information technology professionals in information processing and programming design and applications.
4. Development and application of green energy: The summer in Penghu is hot and the northeast monsoon in the winter there is strong, which is suitable for developing wind and solar photovoltaic systems in concert with the government’s policy of developing Penghu as a low-carbon island.
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