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General Education Center

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A. Organization
   The General Education Center aims to provide holistic and quality general education to the entire student body and provides courses in Humanities and Art, Social Science, Natural Science, and General English. In addition to the director of the Center, each course field has its coordinator, whose duties include curriculum planning and providing assistance in teaching-related activities. There is also one assistant responsible for administrative affairs. 
The center is also home to two research groups, the “Center of Penghu Local Society Research” and the “Center of Gender and Women’s Studies.” The former engages in the study of various aspects of the local society in Penghu and promotes awareness of local issues while the latter aims to encourage inter-disciplinary research related to gender issues across fields within the university. It also strives to better gender education on campus.
In terms of the faculty, currently there are thirteen full time faculty members, including four professors, four associate professors, four assistant professors and one instructor (who is also a doctoral candidate). Moreover, there are also six contract- based assistant professors/instructors and over twenty part-time teachers.  
B. Goals & Visions
As part of the vocational education system, NPU aims to provide diverse and comprehensive
technological education which both reflects the local features of Penghu and connects with the globalized world. In the vocation-oriented university, our vision is to become a school that could richly develop local features and multi-diversity with comprehensive technological education.
Therefore, our goals and ideals for general education are listed as the following three directions:
1.According to Based on the university motto “our school motto “Creativity, Honesty, Modesty, and Love”, this center designs and develops pedagogical strategies and curriculum for general education in order to cultivate students’ enthusiasm and knowledge in general humanities and art, so that our students not only gain professional knowledge but also develop compassion for the society and others. Apart from their own professional skills. Furthermore, the hope is that we cultivate such world citizens by fulfilling the goals of holistic and “Whole Person” education.
2.This center applies a complementary and balanced approach in curriculum design with content-rich and diverse elective general courses to prepare students with the abilities of self-learning, independent-thinking, and problem-solving as a basis for life-long learning.
3.With the natural landscapes and cultural resources in Penghu, the center plans ocean-related courses in general education to guide students for their global perspectives and the concerns for local life, which are the main features of our teaching.
C. Features of Development
Our center aims to strengthen the profession of faculty members, to enhance research quality and quantity, to participate in international academic exchange, to combine education with natural landscapes and cultural resources, and to shape local features for prosperity. Our main features are as follows:
1.Establish multi-disciplinary of humanity, society, and natural science for general education.
2.Equip students with the sound character of language communication skills and social care.
3.Build up a learning environment that features both local cultures and global visions.
D. Curriculum Structure
E. Teaching Facilities
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