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Graduate Institute of Tourism and Leisure Management

Tel: 886-06-9264115 Ext:1081
FAX:886- 06-9272947

Group: Management
International Admission: Master’s degree

The purpose of the institute of tourism and leisure is to cultivate the talented persons of transportation, hotel and hospitality. Also, the school provides the human resource of tourism information and leisure amusement of local industry development. Taking the advantage of the natural sightseeing resources of Penghu is to promote Penghu prosperity and the quality of leisure service.

【Curriculum Planning】
The courses of the institute are divided into common compulsory courses, professional elective courses and general elective courses. In professional elective courses, there are three main fields, such as tourism and leisure, hospitality management and marine sports, stressing that they pay equal attention to theory and practice, combining with the practice courses and industrial interaction, upgrading the students’ capabilities of practice solving and answering questions, and fostering the talented persons of sightseeing leisure enterprise research and professional management.

The graduate institute has good faculty and facilities. The faculty includes 17 educators with the doctoral degree. Of these people, 2 of which are professors, 4 are associate professors and 11 are assistant professors. These professors graduated from different universities in a number of different countries of Europe, America, and Asia. The professors are not only equipped with professional knowledge and practical experience, but are also dedicated to quality teaching and research. The facilities of the graduate institute are fully integrated. The scope and quality of the facilities makes them an ideal study environment for both undergraduate and postgraduate students.

Upon the graduation from postgraduate study, students have the opportunity to select various career paths. First, students can choose to continue their studies and apply for doctoral degree programs in top-notched universities. Second, students can enter a profession in the field such as a tourism or leisure service industry. Finally, students can take the test to become a civil worker. The education and research skills provided by the graduate institute enable the students to be excellent leaders in public service and in private sectors.

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