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【Service for Prospective Students】
Prospective students’ service program is designed to assist newly arrivals to fit in the community once they get to Makung Airport. Shuttle buses are made available to the freshmen of NPU during the first week of orientation to save their time in commuting between campus and the downtown area. On the orientation day, a meeting is arranged so that the freshmen’s parents and the university directors can have a chance to meet each other by face- to- face communication. During the meeting, the university administrative staff will provide the freshmen’s parents with all the essential information concerning their children’s studies and life at NPU in Penghu that they need.

【Student Advisory Office】
Do you have any questions with regard to your majors, courses or general education requirements? The Student Advisory Office is organized in order to assist you and to act as a counselor between students and university administrators so as to solve any possible problems. They can be academics, administrative members or lecturers whom our students might ask for help from.

【Student Housing】
There are three student dormitories located at the campus of NPU, namely Lan-Tien (Blue Azure), Bi-Hai (Verdant Ocean), and Yung-Fung (Wind-Gathered that accommodate a total of 640 beds and are open to our students. Every room is equipped with both telephone extensions and Internet wires. Most of the rooms are air-conditioned. Cafeterias and student restaurants are available inside the dormitory building.

【Student Counseling】
Certain university staff specialized in professional counseling is available to help our students cope with their frustrations and better understand their callings and talents. A series of seminars and lectures are arranged every semester so as to give our students accesses to have an all-around, profound understanding of their own potentials and possible weaknesses that will in the long run serve as a significant indicator in their future employment seeking or career blueprinting.

【Athletic Facilities】
The athletic facilities of NPU, including a gym, an aerobic room, an indoor stadium and a vast playground along the beach close to the sea, provide our students with top-class facilities for sports as well as relaxation. Sports and swimming programs are included as a part of the required course credits for every student of NPU who is, through such an athletic program, expected to gain well-balanced physical fitness before they graduate from our university that is devoted to offering the best services to her students.

【Hygienic Education and Service】
The University Health Center offers our students easily accessible sanitary information and emergency treatment of injuries and illnesses. Apart from the doctors in residence of NPU who provide our students with regular medicinal service, our university has signed particular contracts with certain local clinics that offer comprehensive, all-around medical services for our students. What is more, we are engaged in all sorts of health promotion activities, such as hygienic education advocacy, hepatitis prevention, as well as food and beverage sanitation.

【Activities of Student Organizations】
There are a great variety of student organizations on the campus that provide our students with opportunities in physical and mental relaxation, community services, leadership training and relationship building which all together contribute to enriching their extracurricular lives.

【Scholarship and Financial Aids】
National Penghu University provides her students with all sorts of financial aids, such as study loans, academic scholarships, assistance scholarships, part-time jobs, etc., which are intended to offer concrete, if not substantial, pecuniary support for those who long for educational advancement but are lack of monetary underpinning so that they are somewhat helped to safeguard their life challenge without being discouraged or hindered by heavy financial burden.

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