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Research and Industry/University Cooperation

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【Research and Development】
Due to her marine geography, National Penghu University is very active in marine science, tourism, electrical and computer science, transportation and logistics management. We are now blueprinting special academic plans that actively encourage our faulty members to participate in diverse national or international research projects. Furthermore, several NPU faculty members claim a number of specialized patents that are now under further research and negotiation in terms of joint industry and university cooperation so as to apply the newly developed technologies in industrial as well as commercial circles.

【Industry and University Cooperation】
Apart from the Division of Research and Development that presides over all the university affairs or activities concerning industry/university cooperation, National Penghu University has established an Insular Industrial Center for Technological Invention and Promotion as well as a Cage-culture Technology Research Center that are both devoted to affairs with regard to professional invention as well as promotion and technological research and development. Besides, NPU has already set up nine university affiliated research centers, including digital island research program, which are intended to be engaged in affairs concerning industry/university cooperation. Entrusted with various research projects by a diversity of authorities, such as Ministry of Education, National Science Committee, Agriculture Committee, Medicine and Drug Bureau, Ministry of Transport and Communication, Ministry of Economy, Penghu County Government and public as well as private entrepreneurs, the aforementioned NPU research centers have been managed to fulfill all the entrusted tasks on time and have thus won their respective academic credit.

【International Cooperation】
NPU puts great emphasis on internationalization. Mainland China is one of the major focuses. NPU is seeking to increase educational collaboration with the Mainland China and to attract their students to the university. The university has cooperation agreements with 13 universities and colleges in 6 countries, 7 of which with Chinese universities. Many Chinese academic delegates, representing many universities and institutes, have visited NPU for academic conferences and activities of scholastic interchange. NPU is taking a proactive stand on attracting Mainland China students. The most attractive areas of specialization for Chinese students are fields such as marine aquaculture, tourism management, and green energy. In 2011, the university has had 18 foreign exchange students — 13 of which come from Mainland China and 5 from Thailand. In addition, NPU has been approved to enroll 68 students (5 graduate students and 63 undergraduates.) from Mainland China in September, 2011. The international program provides an invaluable opportunity to build a bridge between our university students and international students to learn each other’s cultures, exchange ideas and make friends.

【Internship and Alumni Association】
NPU has passed a student outside-university internship act that requires her students to be engaged in practical entrepreneurial training during either winter or summer vacation that allows them to combine theoretical knowledge learned from in-class instruction with practical industrial application. Such an industry and university cooperation program is meaningful for them to come across, that is, to discover, problemsor difficulties that might be further dealt with, if not resolved, by means of research project through tutorial guidance so as to enhance our students’ capacities in coping with practical problems. In addition, the Alumni Association established its facebook which can post more information, and the students also can share their emotion and feelings on the facebook.

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