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The Computer Center is composed of two major sections: Section of Multimedia Communication Services and Section of System Operation Supports whose auxiliary tasks comprise office automation, distance learning and campus software and hardware upgrading/management/counseling. We also make contract with Penghu County Government and offer information-related educational courses or trainings to its employees.

【Campus Network Infrastructure】
The completion of fiber-optical network allows the campus a speedy connection to the world and among her major buildings, such as Administration Building, Library/Computer Center Building, Laboratory Building, Stadium, Faculty’s and Students’ Dormitories, which are all linked to fiber-optical network to the computer control room of the Computer Center which also provides the staff and students of NPU prompt outward fiber-optical connections to TANET as well as HINET. At the time being, the network system of students’ dormitories is entrusted to Chunghwa Telecom Co., Ltd. in order to offer its users more integrated and thus more efficient high-tech services.

【Teaching and Administration Supports】
The Computer Center is set up to provide a quality learning and teaching environment to the entire campus. Distance Learning has been recently installed and is at present available to both faculty and students. Some distance learning courses have been on the way since 2004. Students may get their course schedules done through the on-line services. Other services, such as course schedules, bulletins, announcements, student records and so forth, are equally available via the webpage of NPU. In the similar manner, instructors may easily manage students’ academic records by means of our user-friendly on-line service program.

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