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【Mission Statements】
The Art Center of NPU serves not only our university staff but also all the inhabitants in the nearby communities. We firmly realize the fact that art itself is originated from life per se and that is why we hope to lead our spectators to feel with unprecedented profundity life’s marvelous colors, if not nuances, through artistic forms as well as contents. With all our sincerity, we look forward to providing every appreciator with the best service. The missions of the Art Center are as follows:
1. Combine all the possible creative developments in both technologies and arts so as to shape the ideal vision of a technological university of humane ambience.
2. Undertake outreach programs of art essentially aimed at melting into community life so as to promote the esthetic cultivation of the local proletariat.
3. Make an endeavor to make us the major force that assists local authorities in promoting artistic/literary activities and developing artistic/literary environment.

【General Activities】
The Art Center is equipped with a highly flexible experimental exhibition or performance sphere where stage from time to time exhibitions or performances based on all sorts of themes realized by our faculty, our students or people from local communities. Besides, a special program with particular courses and lectures under the title of “The Classroom of Culture” is also blueprinted in order to initiate a multi-faceted artistic/literary education unique to our university. The exhibitions held by our center embrace all kinds of artistic forms, such as photography, Chinese painting, western painting, calligraphy, sculpture, and the like. Apart from a variety of performance activities, such as Chinese classical music, western music, Latino dance, ball room dance, to name only a few, that are made available to the general public, the aged and the young alike, so as to enrich the spirit life of our faculty, our students and local community inhabitants.

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