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【Missions and Functions】
1.Integrate university resources so as to support the incubation of technological invention and to assist the creation of
local small and middle businesses.

2.Create a perfect and comprehensive incubation environment so as to promote prospering cooperation developments between industries and the university.

3. Expand the service scope of industry/university internship cooperation project so as to bring forth multiple channels of technical interchange between enterprises and NPU.

4.Integrate all the possible industrial and service resources of the Penghu area with a commitment to enhance the international competitiveness of local industries.

【Outreach Services】
1.Provide offices and facilities
i.Provide comfortable offices at affordable rate
ii.Provide laboratories and other facilities for business uses

2.Provide technical and professional consultation
i.Introduce new technologies to new business through R&D cooperation or technology transfer.
ii.Provide diagnosis and consultation on business operation
iii.Professional professional advice

3.Business support and IT services.
i.Provide personnel training and education program and promote new products and technologies of local companies.
ii.seminars by inviting distinguished guests to share their success and failure experiences.
iii.Arrange business conferences and strategic alliances so as to promote intra-business and inter-business cooperation.
iv.Collect and compile related government support
measures and assistance information for resident

4.Administrative service support
i.Provide ordinary business and administrative service
ii.Assist resident companies in drafting business projects.
iii.Help rresident companies apply for government grant for product development and assist them in the affairs concerning factory establishment.

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