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【Evening Programs】
The evening programs of NPU include both two-year and four-year curriculum designs that offer local students opportunities of furthering their studies with an academic degree either equivalent to or just a level inferior to a bachelor’s degree. Candidates may pursue their degrees at the following departments: Transportation (two-year program), Aquaculture (two-year program), Leisure Management (four-year program), and Information Management (four-year program).

【Extension Programs】
Other than the abovementioned degree-oriented evening programs, NPU also provides the local inhabitants of Penghu with well-organized extension programs, namely several specialty-focused workshops that are regularly run through the whole year. At the sincere and urgent request of the Penghu locals, NPU also manages to design a certain variety of short-term training programs, such as computer databases, logistics management, airline ticketing operations, marine sport management, English and Japanese conversations, bakery and cocktail practices, etc., that contribute not merely to enriching their private life but to promoting their public career as well.

【Credit Programs】
All the local citizens of the Penghu area may register for the Credit Programs of NPU before becoming a full-time student of our Evening Division or even of our normal daytime university system so long as the chairman in position and the program director both agree with their applications after reviewing their individual documents. An official certificate issued by NPU showing the credits taken as well as their corresponding marks will be conferred on the students who meet the respective requirements of the courses enrolled.

【Future Development】
1. Multiple Course Programs: The credit programs for bachelor’s degree under blueprinting will include the following departmental courses: languages, engineering, managements, information technologies and the like so as to increase the multiplicity of our course designing. Furthermore, we are adding more and more courses for class-attending credit program to our normal daytime university system so that all the local students who desire to further their studies may embrace a diversity of options for the educational advancement.
2. Alumni Continuing Education: In order to meet the urgent demand of the local alumni, NPU is blueprinting some pertinent technical training programs as well as other credit programs for both bachelor’s and master’s degrees. In the near future, we will search for any kind of cooperation with all our alumni by means of certain continuing education program that encourages them to make the most of our university resources so as to enhance their professional skills and knowledge.

3. Community University: With an aim to make the Penghu area a “learning society” and to carry out the governmental live-and-learn educational policy, NPU commits herself to blueprinting certain education programs on technology management that help lay a solid foundation for a sound perspective on the value of human life. The instruction timetable, location and methodology for such as programs will be as multiple and flexible as possible so as to feed back the local communities in the hope that all the local adults of various social standings longing for further studies may find themselves a convenient channel just nearby that makes their dream for higher education finally come true.

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